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Kristi Kelly Appears on FCRA Focus Podcast

Kelly Guzzo partner Kristi Kelly was the featured guest on a recent episode of FCRA Focus, a podcast produced by the law firm Troutman Pepper on issues related to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA is the federal statute regulating the handling of consumers’ credit information and access […]

Tue Sep 27, 3:00pm


Knowing Your Rights: Wire Transfers

Imagine that you stop for gas on your way home after a long day at work.  You pull up to the pump, exit your vehicle, and swipe your bank card.  But for some reason, your card is declined.  This can’t be – you had plenty of money in your account […]

Tue Aug 30, 3:20pm


Knowing Your Rights: Electronic Fund Transfers

Imagine you get a letter from your mortgage servicer indicating that your most recent payment did not go through and that you are late on your mortgage.  You are dumbfounded.  You had enough money in your account, and it was set up to make timely payments using the servicer’s auto-pay […]

Sat Aug 6, 5:33pm


Knowing Your Rights: Online Bank Fraud

Over the past decade, the financial technology industry – or “FinTech” – has exploded as companies continue to innovate and employ technology intended to make financial transactions easier.  Progress has been made and convenience has increased; never before have consumers had the ability to move money with such ease, whether […]

Wed Jul 20, 11:18am

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