Inaccuracies on your credit report can lead to higher interest rates and denials of loans or credit cards. We can help you fix those mistakes to get you on the right track to better credit scores and saving money with lower rates.

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A recent Federal Trade Commission study found that one in four consumers had errors in their credit reports that may affect their credit scores. A good credit score saves consumers money because it results in more credit opportunities with better interest rates. With a poorer credit score, consumers often are denied mortgage loans, receive higher interest rates on loans or credit cards, or may even be denied employment opportunities or an apartment to rent.

Our attorneys have extensive experience helping consumers fix credit report mistakes and litigating cases under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act when credit reporting agencies and furnishers of credit information do not correct the errors. We have successfully represented consumers against credit reporting agencies and those entities who supplied the inaccurate data that appears on consumers reports, including cases where a furnisher supplies inaccurate data to a credit reporting agency such as a incorrect payment history, incorrect balance information, or incorrect payment status; when a consumers information was mixed or merged with the information of another consumer (which often occurs when two individuals share similar names); in situations of identity theft where a consumer disputes ownership of the account; errors in public record information such as judgments that vacated, satisfied, or otherwise dismissed; when an entity obtains a consumers credit report with authorization or a permissible purpose; and when a credit report is not properly updated after a bankruptcy is filed or discharged.

If you believe any of the information in your credit report is inaccurate or incomplete, our attorneys will meet with you for free to discuss the best way to fix the mistakes in your credit report. If we take your case, we will handle it on a contingency basis and you will never be required to pay our attorneys fees unless we obtain a judgment on your behalf or settle your lawsuit. Please call us today if you have a mistake in your credit report. For more information on Fair Credit Reporting Act cases handled by our attorneys, please click on the links below.