Have you ever noticed someone else’s account information on your credit report? Victims of identity theft often do not even know that a theft has occurred until a fraudulent account appears on their credit report or they get a call from someone demanding payment of money that they do not owe.

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When someone steals your identity, it can leads to severe problems with your credit reports. Most often, a victim of identity theft will not even know that the theft has occurred until the fraudulent account appears on the victim’s credit reports or they get a call from someone demanding payment of money that they do not owe. Usually, consumers will need the assistance of an attorney to help them navigate the process to deal with debt collectors harassing them for money they don’t owe and to remove the fraudulent accounts from their credit reports because the financial institution will want to collect the money. It is always a good idea to periodically check your credit report at www.annualcreditreport.com so you can make sure that the items on your credit report belong to you. Checking your report regularly, will also help you to identify any credit report mistakes before the problem gets too far out of hand.

If you have been a victim of identity theft, our attorneys can help you fix your credit reports and restore your financial reputation. Our attorneys have successfully litigated cases under the Fair Credit Reporting Act when the financial institution and credit reporting agencies refuse to remove the fraudulent information from an identity theft victim’s credit report.