Class Actions

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Class-action lawsuits happen when multiple consumers join together to pursue legal action against an organization that they believe has wronged them.

These cases are powerful tools for consumers to hold banks, mortgage servicers and other companies accountable. A single violation might be too small for one consumer to seek legal action. But when a group – or class – of similarly impacted consumers pursues a common legal interest, it can be very effective. Our attorneys at Kelly Guzzo, PLC, have served as class counsel in many cases. We can help you and other consumers pursue legal action in:

Credit reporting errors
Do you have damaging information in your credit file that credit bureaus failed to update?

Background check errors
Is there incorrect or outdated information on your employment or tenant screening report?

Mortgage servicing abuse
Are you being charged excessive fees and costs, like forced-place insurance, inspection fees or title charges?

Predatory loans
Are you being charged excessively high interest on a loan and can’t afford to pay it back?


If you’re facing one of these situations and think others are too, contact us. Our attorneys will meet with you for free to your situation and determine whether a class-action lawsuit is your next best step.

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