Identity Theft

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The repercussions of identity theft can last years and affect nearly every aspect of your life.

Our team of lawyers help identity theft victims through the aftermath. When your identity is stolen, you’ll very often suffer consequences in your credit report. Creditors might continue to report fraudulent information, even after learning that the fraud took place.

Let’s walk through what identity theft is and how to tell if it’s happened to you. Our lawyers for identity theft victims are here for a complimentary consultation.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is fraud committed when someone uses your personal information to access your money or other belongings without your permission.

Fraudsters can use your name, address, Social Security number, driver’s license number or your birthday to commit identity theft. While identity theft is often committed by a stranger, it can be committed by friends and family members too.

How do you know if your identity’s been stolen?

You likely won’t know your identity has been stolen until fraudulent activity shows up on your credit report. A debt collector also might call you demanding payment.

To ensure the accuracy of your credit report, periodically visit Regular credit report checks can help you find any mistakes that must be corrected.

How our lawyers for identity theft victims can help you

Our Kelly Guzzo, PLC, team brings extensive experience helping identity theft victims correct their credit reports. If your credit report contains fraudulent information, one of our attorneys will meet with you at no charge to discuss next steps.

Not scared to go up against the credit reporting agencies

As a victim of identity theft, I wasn’t sure who to turn to for help until I met Kristi Kelly. She advocated for me. She is knowledgeable about credit reporting issues and understood the challenges that I faced as an identity theft victim. She was not scared to go up against the credit reporting agencies, banks and debt collectors to resolve my problem. She gave me a fresh start with an accurate credit report, and I couldn’t be happier. ~ Shanika

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