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Client Testimonials about our consumer financial protection attorneys

At Kelly Guzzo, PLC, our consumer financial protection attorneys are dedicated to delivering exceptional legal assistance to our clients. Explore the stories shared by our satisfied clients, who have experienced first-hand the diligence our team shows when navigating their consumer financial protection cases.

Real stories of consumer financial protection assistance

Our clients’ testimonials reflect our commitment to excellence in consumer financial protection. From unfair debt collection practices to deceptive business tactics, our attorneys have successfully assisted numerous individuals, safeguarding their financial well-being and consumer rights.

Mixed Credit Reports

Kristi and her team have been a tremendous help with getting my credit report fixed. It was a mess! My sister’s information was mixed with mine, which prevented me from purchasing a house. It only took a year to get it fixed and settled with the credit bureaus. ~ Anonymous
For about eight years, I have struggled to obtain credit because my credit reports were mixed with my sister, who has a similar name. Andrew was knowledgeable about this issue and helped me fix my credit report. Andrew litigated my case in federal court against [the credit reporting agencies] and fought hard for my rights. I am very pleased with the outcome and recommend Andrew to anyone with a credit reporting problem. ~ Shakeena
For most of my life, I have struggled to obtain credit because my credit reports were mixed with my brother’s, who has a similar name. Kristi and Andrew were knowledgeable about this issue and helped me fix it. They litigated my case in federal court against the credit bureaus and the companies that reported the wrong items on my credit report. They fought hard for my rights. They kept me informed each step of the way. I am very pleased with the outcome and recommend Kristi and Andrew to anyone with a credit reporting problem. They are the best. ~ Mohammed

Credit Reporting Errors

I had an excellent experience with Kristi Kelly and Andrew Guzzo at this law firm. They were extremely professional and resolved my case, which had to do with erroneous information on my credit report, beyond my expectations. ~ James
Just over a year ago, Kristi took on my case to help me negotiate a settlement with a creditor organization. Her insights, approach, successful implementation thereof (working within the judicial machinery governing the process of vacating improper judgements, etc.) eventually produced a favorable settlement agreement at a fair and reasonable price for my wife and me. Every step of the way, Kristi Kelly was there to keenly listen to my concerns, effectively express them to the counterparty’s legal counsel, and elicit from the other side a win-win outcome that left all parties involved satisfied that the prior dispute had been thoroughly resolved. ~ Kevin
Kristi and her team go above and beyond. Not only did they succeed in correcting my credit, but they also achieved amazing settlement results with all three credit reporting agencies. I’m so grateful for their expertise and compassion. If you’re looking for a trustworthy, intelligent, dedicated and professional law firm, look no further. I couldn’t have done this without Kristi and will forever recommend her to my family and friends. ~ Ashley

Mortgage Servicing Abuse

I was lucky enough to find Kristi Kelly at a very difficult time in my life. She represented me in a mortgage-loan-modification-gone-bad lawsuit and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. She was professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. She goes above and beyond to get the job done. I have and will continue to refer her to anyone searching for a great attorney. ~ Carrie
Kristi Kelly was an outstanding advocate for my foreclosure case. I had believed that I had fully foreclosed on my property resulting from the housing crash of 2008, only to find that the bank had ‘charged off’ the second mortgage and sold the debt to another finance company. She worked diligently to resolve the case. What a grand success! I would highly recommend her firm for any consumer protection issues. The firm was efficient, thorough, and followed through to the end, with great results. ~ Pamela
Ms. Kelly helped us in such a hard time with our mortgage. It was a very unusual situation and the referral to her was the best choice. Her knowledge and hard work helped us to settle this issue in our favor. ~ Angela

Identity Theft

When I saw a number of false identities, addresses and accounts on my credit report, I tried everything within my power to remove them, but my efforts were to no avail. The timing couldn’t have been worse, because I was in the process of buying a new home and the fraudulent activity was tanking my credit score. Fortunately, I found Kristi Kelly, Esq. and her talented team at Kelly & Guzzo PLC. They were knowledgeable, honest, and effective. When I was anxious, they were calm and steadily working on my case. Ms. Kelly even called me herself when I was particularly worried. She told me a story that got me laughing and envisioning a positive outcome. I’m happy to report that Ms. Kelly and her team helped remove all of the identity fraud activity on my credit report and they secured an excellent settlement for me. I’m truly grateful for finding Ms. Kelly and her gifted team of consumer lawyers. They stepped in and helped when I was at a complete loss for what to do next.
~ Andrea

I live in Texas and my identity was stolen by a CPA who did my taxes while I was living in Virginia. […] I contacted Andrew and he just asked me to send him information on where I was during the time this took place and stated he would handle it. He always kept me in the loop of things and made it perfectly clear that he would do everything in his power to fix the issue. Whenever he asked me to send documents I did, and he’d let me know the status of the claim and what was going on. I appreciate everything he did for me and all of this was done while I live in Texas. I’ve never met him in person, but he is a life saver. He got my case resolved and had letters typed up for me to send to the credit reporting agencies once it was resolved to remove it from my credit report. He even went so far as to go after the credit reporting agencies who didn’t remove it from my credit report. He did a great job, I appreciate him and his staff and everyone who was involved in solving my issue, I would recommend him to anyone who’s have issues like mine and need it fixed. ~ Roderick
As a victim of identity theft, I wasn’t sure who to turn to for help until I met Kristi Kelly. She advocated for me. She is knowledgeable about credit reporting issues and understood the challenges that I faced as an identity theft victim. She was not scared to go up against the credit reporting agencies, banks and debt collectors to resolve my problem. She gave me a fresh start with an accurate credit report, and I couldn’t be happier. ~ Shanika

Background Check Issues

Andrew helped me on a particularly difficult, complex employment background check case over the course of a year. A great lawyer, great work, honest and straightforward, he made everything easy [and was] well worth the cost. Really pleased with the outcome of the case. Throughout the case Andrew clearly explained my options, what would be the best course of action and what to expect. Everything was communicated in a straightforward manner. ~ Kirk

Unlawful Debt Collection

Ms. Kelly did a wonderful job in handling a COVID related credit card case that I spent 6 months trying to resolve myself without success.  […] My initial contact with Ms. Kelly was around the first of February 2021, and she had completely resolved the issue in my favor by the first week of May 2021, a remarkable three-month time frame. All of the derogatory late payments on the three credit bureau reports one by one disappeared, as did the erroneous balance on the closed bank credit card. In addition, my FICO scores returned to where they were before this nightmare began in May 2020. Ms. Kelly knew exactly what to do, how to do it, and got it done in a reasonable amount of time. She was very professional, understanding and responsive to my questions. ~ Ana
Kristi and her team were excellent in getting my student loan debt collection overturned. They were thoughtful, a pleasure to work with, skilled, and they fought on my behalf to win the case. They are a top notched law firm. ~ Sandy

Payday and Online Loans

As a result of a divorce, I found myself in a financial quagmire. I ended up borrowing from online payday loans just to get by. My credit went into the doldrums and the big companies had a field day reporting legitimate as well as inaccurate derogatory data in my credit report. I went online and searched for lawyers who specialized in consumer protection law. They were all enthusiastic about filing for bankruptcy – not holding the big boys accountable. The call I made to Kristi was the best decision I ever made as far as rehabilitating my financial health was concerned. ~ Anonymous

Wrongful Foreclosures

Ms. Kelly is fabulous! She sued the mortgage company for FCRA violations and then sued all three credit reporting agencies for refusing to fix my credit, even with proof that my mortgage company was lying to them. My credit is repaired and I am back in business. If it hadn’t been for Ms. Kelly, [the mortgage servicer] was going to foreclose on my house, and I’m one of those people who never paid anything late in her life! After my first visit in her office, I realized she was the best attorney for this sort of problem. ~ Marian
I want to thank Kristi C. Kelly and the rest of counsel for their hard work and determination. They managed to sort out and expose the unfair treatment being done to me. I was charged thousands of dollars in interest on a mortgage that I did not hold, with continued work and dedication to prove that I did nothing wrong. I was facing foreclosure due to all the false accusations. During this Stressful time , Kristi Assured me to stay diligent and positive, and the wonderful Team saved my Home! What a blessing she is! I would recommend Kristi Cahoon Kelly over and over again, time and time again! Thank You!

Unauthorized Transactions

I had thousands of dollars stolen from my bank account via wire transfer. I thought my bank would see the fraud and reimburse me, but they denied my claims, stating it was I who took it. After exhausting all my efforts I was about to give up, as I thought I had no more options. […] Then another attorney recommended Kelly Guzzo’s office. They take your case and you only have to pay if they win your case. In some cases they are able to collect all their attorney fees from the negligent party, then you owe nothing. Pat McNichol was amazing! He is compassionate, knowledgeable, and with his resilience, I was able to get my money back! ~ Stephanie
[Kelly Guzzo, PLC] stepped into a banking fraud case involving my elderly mother. Everyone we interacted with were professional, kind and clear about next steps and options. Very professional and efficient – I never had to wonder whether they were working on it; they always communicated what was going on. I would recommend this firm to anyone dealing with fraud and deception! ~ Rebecca

At Kelly Guzzo, PLC, our consumer financial protection attorneys are dedicated to delivering exceptional legal assistance to our clients. Explore the stories shared by our satisfied clients, who have experienced first-hand the diligence our team shows when navigating their consumer financial protection cases.