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Wrongful Foreclosures

A foreclosure is one of the toughest situations a family can face. Wrongful foreclosures often occur because mortgage companies fail to properly apply payments or make false promises that a foreclosure is cancelled. Your family should not suffer because you trusted a financial institution that is disorganized. Our attorneys can help you rescind a foreclosure sale if your mortgage company improperly applied your mortgage payments or promised you that a sale date was cancelled, which usually occurs while a homeowner is under review for a loan modification. Even if your case does not fall into one of these common situations, our attorneys will sit down with you, examine your documents, and determine if there is any basis to rescind the foreclosure.

Our attorneys also have extensive experience in foreclosure prevention and often work with foreclosure trustees and mortgage companies to give families extra time to develop a solution to avoid a foreclosure sale. Often, just a few extra months provides homeowners with enough time to qualify for a loan modification or sell the home at a price that is acceptable for all parties. In the event a foreclosure sale is your only option, we will ensure that you are treated with respect while you find a place to relocate your family. If you are behind on your mortgage, contact our attorneys today to understand how you can prevent the foreclosure of your home.

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