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Mixed Credit Reports

Your credit report should only include information about you and your accounts. However, sometimes a credit reporting agency will mix or merge two or more consumers’ reports who share similar identifying information, like their name, social security number, or address. This usually occurs because of the overly-broad matching algorithms used by credit reporting agencies to collect information regarding a particular individual.

Credit reports are often mixed when two relatives share similar identifying information. However in some instances, a mixed file may also occur between strangers with just one similarity, such as a common first and last name. Mixed information in your credit report is a  mistake that should be addressed immediately.

Our attorneys are familiar with the dispute process available to consumers with errors in their credit reports pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In many instances, our clients have had to commence litigation against the credit reporting agencies in order to resolve errors associated with their credit reports being mixed with another individual’s report. If your credit report contains information that you believe belongs to someone else, please contact us, and one of our attorneys will meet with you at no charge to discuss the best way to fix the error in your credit report.

Why fix mistakes in your credit report?

If your report is mixed with another person’s report, any derogatory information regarding the other person may also be appearing in your credit report. Inaccuracies in your credit report can lead to higher interest rates and denials of applications for loans or credit cards. A good credit score saves consumers money because it results in more credit opportunities with better interest rates. With a poorer credit score, consumers often are denied mortgage loans, receive higher interest rates on loans or credit cards, or may even be denied employment opportunities or an apartment to rent.

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