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Credit Report Fraud & Credit Report Errors

Credit report fraud and reporting errors happen when creditors provide incomplete, outdated or just plain false information about your account. These are often simple errors like an incorrect payment history or inaccurate account status. However, they can result from more complex, serious credit report fraud incidents including mixed credit reports, identity theft or other issues.

Let’s look at the different forms credit reporting errors can take. If you think any of these apply to you, contact us below for a free consultation.

Most common credit reporting errors

Kelly Guzzo, PLC, has litigated many matters involving simple credit reporting errors. Here are some basic scenarios we’ve seen:

This category includes a wide range of errors, including closed accounts being reported as open, inaccurate payment dates and delinquencies, incorrect account balances and reporting you as delinquent even when you have been making your payments. These inaccuracies can make it look like you have not been paying your bills and can reduce your credit score.
This can include tax liens or judgments that had been vacated, satisfied or otherwise dismissed. These inaccuracies can dramatically reduce your credit score and make it very difficult for you to obtain a mortgage.

It is virtually impossible to obtain credit when this information is on your credit file.

If this notation is not included, the account will continue to drop your credit score.
Most often, mortgage servicers will not accurately report trial period plans or modified payments.

Common instances of credit report fraud

You should correct any credit errors as quickly as possible because bad credit can deprive you of life opportunities, including a job and home.

Below are some more complex credit reporting errors.

Inaccurate tax liens or judgments

Credit reporting agencies include public records data in their reports, including information regarding tax liens and civil judgments.

However, agencies aren’t always careful to note when tax liens or judgments have been satisfied, vacated, appealed or dismissed. Inaccurate reporting about the status of a tax lien or judgment can harm your credit.

If this information isn’t up to date on your credit report, it should be corrected immediately.

Debt discharged in bankruptcy not listed accurately

If you filed for bankruptcy and had debt discharged as a result, it should be noted correctly in your credit report.

Yes, bankruptcy can harm your credit score on its own. But when creditors fail to properly report debt as discharged, it hurts your ability to start restoring your credit score (and your financial reputation).

Don’t let an outdated debt citation keep you from financial recovery.

Identity theft

Identity theft can have severe consequences on your credit report. However, creditors and credit reporting agencies might refuse to remove fraudulent information.

Visit our identity theft page to learn how we help fight credit report fraud. 


Mixed credit reports

Credit reporting agencies might accidentally mix or merge the credit reports of two or more consumers who share similar personal information. These errors often involve relatives due to shared names, but they can happen between strangers too.

Visit our mixed credit reports page to learn more.

How can we help you with credit reporting errors?

At Kelly Guzzo, we’ve successfully brought numerous claims under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) on behalf of consumers with inaccurate credit reports. Our attorneys will meet with you at no charge to discuss how to fix any of the above credit reporting errors and address any credit report fraud.

Trustworthy, intelligent, dedicated and professional

Kristi and her team go above and beyond. Not only did they succeed in correcting my credit, but they also achieved amazing settlement results with all three credit reporting agencies. I’m so grateful for their expertise and compassion. If you’re looking for a trustworthy, intelligent, dedicated and professional law firm, look no further. I couldn’t have done this without Kristi and will forever recommend her to my family and friends. ~ Ashley

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