Andrew Guzzo Quoted in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Regarding Tribal Lending

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Andrew Guzzo Quoted in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Regarding Tribal Lending

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently published an article related to high-interest loans originated through Native American tribes. This article details the experience of a woman who entered into a high-interest loan with a tribal entity, “Loan At Last” that charged 700%. Such high interest rates violate the laws of almost every state in the country. And as explained by one of our attorneys, Andrew Guzzo, state laws typically apply to the loans because they are made over the internet in the state where the consumer resides.

“Loan at Last” is one of a dozen lenders that claims to be owned and operated by the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians. Other entities include Ningodwaaswi, LLC d/b/a/ Sky Trail Cash; Ishwaaswi, LLC d/b/a RadiantCash; Makwa, LLC d/b/a Makwa Finance; Niizh, LLC d/b/a Bright Star Cash; Niiwin, LLC, d/b/a Lendgreen; Anong, LLC d/b/a; Niibin, LLC, d/b/a Cash Aisle; Midaaswi, LLC d/b/a/ National Small Loan; Naanan, LLC d/b/a Bear Claw Finance; Mitig, LLC d/b/a MitigCapital and Cashcity; Zagime, LLC d/b/a Blue River Lending; Bridge Lending Solutions; Opichi, LLC d/b/a Evergreen Services; Giizis LLC d/b/a Lakeshore Loans; Waawaatesi LLC, d/b/a Quickhelp Loans; Naanan, LLC d/b/a Stone Lake Lending; Nigig, LLC d/b/a Ubicash; Ziibi, LLC d/b/a zFunds; and Zhaangaswi, LLC d/b/a Nine Torches.

Kelly Guzzo has filed a class action lawsuit related to these loans. The lawsuit seeks to cancel loans made by these entities, as well as obtain monetary compensation for those who have repaid any illegal interest on their loans. If you have a loan with any one of these entities, please contact us if you have any questions relating to any terms of the settlement. Additionally, Kelly Guzzo continues to investigate and litigation similar matters against other high-interest lenders. If you have obtained a high-interest or payday loan, we will review the terms for free to determine if it complies with your state’s laws and whether we can obtain relief on your behalf. There are no out-of-pocket costs for this consultation.