Andrew Guzzo Quoted in New York Times Article on Tenant Screening Reports

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Andrew Guzzo Quoted in New York Times Article on Tenant Screening Reports

A recent New York Times article on tenant screening reports quoted Kelly Guzzo partner Andrew Guzzo.  The article appeared on the front page of the business section on Sunday, May 31, 2020.

The quote discussed delays tenants encounter in addressing reporting inaccuracies, often leading to the denial of rental applications:

“It’s just crazy that you can’t get immediate results,” said Andrew Guzzo, a consumer lawyer who has filed more than 100 federal lawsuits against background screeners and other consumer reporting agencies. “There’s not many worse imaginable consumer financial services related impacts that you could have, more than an inaccurate tenant screening that costs you the ability to rent an apartment.”

Kelly Guzzo represents tenants who were denied housing based on inaccurate screening reports.  We are currently litigating class action cases against On-Site and Trans Union Rental Screening for including erroneous criminal and eviction records, as well as Corelogic Rental Property Solutions for mismatching criminal records to potential tenants. If you have been denied housing because of criminal records that do not belong to you, records that were expunged, or inaccurate eviction records, your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act may have been violated.

If you were denied rental housing because of a background check, please contact our offices.  We will consult with you free of charge to discuss your rights and whether you may be entitled to compensation.