Reported as Deceased on Credit Report?

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Reported as Deceased on Credit Report?

Does your credit report inaccurately indicate that you are deceased? This is a common problem that happens because someone else associated with the account, such as a spouse or co-signor, dies. Another possibility is that your social security number mistakenly matches a number reported by the Social Security Administration as deceased. If you do not get this information, you will not be able to obtain credit.

If Experian, Equifax, or Trans Union has wrongly listed you as deceased or dead, our firm can help you get the information corrected. You may also have a claim for damages for any losses or other problems caused by the deceased reporting. Over the past several years, our firm has filed more than a dozen cases against Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union for wrongly reporting someone as dead. We have also sued other credit reporting agencies for similar conduct, including class actions against Trans Union, Credit Plus and Credco.

Kelly Guzzo, PLC, has helped dozens of consumers overcome wrong deceased indicators, recovering significant monetary damages in settlements. If your credit report wrongly lists you as deceased, we’re here to help. We’ll meet with you for free to go over your credit report and discuss the best way to address any false information. And you won’t land in further financial trouble if we go to bat for you: You only pay us if we put settlement money in your pocket first.